Friday, October 9, 2009


Our baby girl is 3!!! She loved her "DAY", she talked about it for weeks...picked out her princess decorations, her tinkerbell cake and balloons! We started the day out with Birthday pictures which she just loves doing, she gets in front of the camera and smiles and twirls and absolutely lights up the room, the pictures are beautiful! We then had lunch, picked up her balloons, came home and decorated, went to Big Brothers football game, came back and celebrated with family, pizza, cake and presents :) She is a beautiful, wonderful, loving and sweet little girl! She talks from morning to night (and sings), dances, loves to read her books (and be read to, which we do regularly), color and paint and just makes everyone smile and laugh! I love watching her grow and change and try new things. She is so precious and a true blessing to us!

Monday, August 3, 2009

~GOTCHA DAY~ 2 year anniversary

Last week was our gotcha day anniversary, 2 years already. I remember the very first moment I saw our baby girl, she was crying so hard it broke my heart. I wanted to hold her and comfort her and make everything all better for my precious little one. After pictures were taken and the paperwork was signed, I did exactly that..I took her to our room for a bath and some snuggle time, she played with toys and laughed and I just stared at her, this was our daughter..we had waited so long and here she was with me and in my arms finally! My heart could not have been any happier or more full of love. She is an absolute blessing. Everyday she amazes us with something new, she is such a happy and joyful little girl. To celebrate the special day we have her pictures taken and did she ever have fun, she said "cheese" the entire time and just lit up the room!

Friday, July 10, 2009

~The 4th of July~

For the 4th our family and friends rented out a park for a private celebration! We had so much fun. There was mini-put, a big playground, batting cages, a skate park, paintball and a water play park....although it did rain all day so we had our own water park, oh and lots of food. Of course we did not let the rain stop us. We played in the rain and had a blast! The rain did stop later so the fireworks were still on :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Two years ago......

Yesterday we saw our first picture of our precious baby girl! We had waited so long for the moment when we would finally see our daughters sweet little face! It was an amazing day. From that very first look, every day since and now 2 years later she is everything we had dreamed of and more! She is a wonderful, loving, cuddly, happy and beautiful little girl :) She is a true joy.

~Our first picture~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Is Here.......

And I have a very happy little girl, well she always is!!! Now she gets to be outside more though and she loves it! Last weekend we went out and bought her a swingset (they have definitley changed since the boys were little ) and she is so excited to have her own :) We play with bubbles, swing, slide and go for walks, well I walk while she relaxes in her big wagon...and our long driveway..yep you guessed it, is all uphill, LOL. Grandma and Grandpa had their pool opened so now she is ready to swim, we go over there and she says "Go swimming". Think we have to wait for it to get a little warmer or crank the heater way up! Happy Spring Fever!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Happy Easter~

Today was a great day! It was warm, the sun was shining, the eggs were hidden and it was time to have fun....and that is exactly what we did. We started the morning out with Easter baskets and the sweet bunny also brought the cutest little pink scooter for Zoie and then it was off to Grandma and Grandpas. We had a wonderful meal and way too many yummy goodies and then outside we went to look for eggs. She had so much looking with her cousin, she would get excited every time she saw a new one hidden somewhere, she had been watching the Max and Ruby dvd where they looked for eggs, so yesterday she talked about how the Easter bunny was gonna hide eggs and she was gonna look for them and put them in her basket :) and she filled hers up!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

~A Fun Time~

Over the weekend our friends (and travelmates) Michael, Gina and Olivia and Jeff, Amy, Lily, Nick and his friend came our way for a visit! It was great to see the three girls together and to watch how well they get along. The girls and our families will always have a connection. We shared a once in a lifetime moment with each other, seeing each of us meet and hold our daughters for the very first time and spending that time together will always hold a special place in my heart! Olivia and Lilys families stayed at a hotel with a waterpark. We met to eat a couple of times and spent the day together letting the girls play in the water. They had so much! They are growing up so fast and changing everyday. They are just beautiful! I have some pictures, if you want to see more just click on the links to the right and check out the other blogs, Gina took alot of pictures. Thanks for a great time guys and the next visit we will make the drive, LOL.

Thank You for my tutu Gina!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~Spring and bubbles are in the air~

It is a beautiful day outside today, so of course we took advantage of it. Zoie is so happy to be able to get out again and run around, she just kept laughing :) Yesterday we went to the store and they have all their new bubble toys out and my baby loves her bubbles. When we got home, I started supper and she just couldn't wait, so she had her bubble fun in the house!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

~A few new pictures~

It seems like all of my posts start out saying it has been awhile since I have updated :) I just stay so busy that I don't think much about the computer. Zoie is great, she is 100% ALL GIRL, she is always changing her clothes, chasing the cats and basically on the go until bed time. She has an amazing personality, is super funny and has a way of pretty much getting anything and everything she wants. A couple of weeks ago the guys (husband and son) went to Colorado for some bonding and skiing (and snowboarding) and we went shopping of course and to an indoor waterpark for a couple of days and had tons of fun! We are all getting a bit of cabin fever and are ready to start getting outdoors again. Enjoy the pictures.

The jeans and shoes were my baby girls idea :) So Adorable!