Monday, December 8, 2008

~Tis The Season~

For the holidays and to play catch up! Wow, it has been almost 8 months since I posted. Life is absolutely amazing, I find that I spend very little time on the computer as family times keep me very busy and totally fulfilled. So where to begin...Summer was a blast, we did tons of swimming which Zoie loves, playing outside and just hanging out. Josh turned 18, so hard to believe...Zoie celebrated her 2nd Birthday and Caleb became a teenager!!! Zoie enjoyed Halloween this year, she would knock (quietly) on the door and then say thank you and off to the next house we would go. And now it's almost Christmas, we are all decorated, put up the tree, have plenty of snow and we are now waiting for SANTA! I've added a small variety of pictures so enjoy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Our beautiful little girl!

Zoie loved blowing out her candles and having us sing to her, so of course when she asked "again" we couldn't resist :)

Ok so we took Josh out for his 18th birthday, boy was he embarrassed when they asked him to sit on this so they could sing to him, LOL!

Caleb enjoyed fireworks in his desert, bring on the teenager!

What a precious little flower!

Our little girls new best friend is BIG BIRD, so imagine her excitement when we took her to see his show...well I think her face says it all!!!